Downloadables – Offline Building

How to Build a Pre-Formed Vine Robot

Prepare the Robot Body

Make Holes in the Plastic Container

Insert the Push-to-Connect Tube Fitting

Insert the D-Shaft into the Spool

Assemble the Robot Spool

Tie a Loop Around the Spool

Attach the Robot to the Spool

Wind the String and Vine Robot

Insert the Bearing into the Bearing Base

Attach the Bearing Base to the Container Cap

Attach the Motor to the Motor Base

Add a Spider Coupler to the Motor

Assemble the Base Station

Checkpoint #1

Add the Aligning Shaft to the Outlet Tube

Add the Outlet Tube to the Base Station

Attach the Robot to the Outlet Tube

Attach the Hapkit and Upload Code

Run and Control the Robot

Connect to Air Compressor and Run