Graduate students Joseph Greer (left) and Laura Blumenschein (right) work with Elliot Hawkes (middle) on a prototype of the vine robot. [Image Credit: L.A. Cicero]


This work is supported in part by the US National Science Foundation (Grant #1637446) and the US Department of Defense/AFOSR (Grant #FA2386-17-1-4658).


A patent application, entitled “Robotic Mobility and Construction by Growth” was filed in 2018 (provisional in 2017). For commercial licensing inquiries, please contact Ximena Ares and refer to Docket #S15-383.


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People Involved: 

Allison M. Okamura
Elliot W. Hawkes
Sean Follmer
Jee-Hwan Ryu
Jonathan A. Fan

Nathaniel Agharese
Laura H. Blumenschein
Tyler Cloyd
Margaret Coad
Heather Culbertson

Christian Duriez
Lucia T. Gan
Joseph D. Greer
Alex Gruebele
Zachary Hammond

Winston Liao
Ming Luo
Nicholas Naclerio
Michael Raitor
Javier A. Reyna Zepeda

Patrick Slade
Nathan S. Usevitch
Sadie Cutler
Ron Alterovitz
Haitham El-Hussieny

Usman Mehmood